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The Cystic Fibrosis Trust simply couldn’t do what it does without you. In our fight for a life unlimited by cystic fibrosis we are extremely lucky and grateful to have the support of our amazing volunteers who give up their time and money to support our cause. Many of these wonderful people have kindly developed some exciting supporter initiatives to help raise additional funds in aid of the Trust. Take a look at the array of items below and see if anything takes your fancy!

If you have a fundraising initiative that you would like us to promote, your Community Fundraiser would love to hear from you.

Thank you so much for all your support!

Breathe With Me

Breathe With Me is a new release by emerging Indie pop artist Betsa, that aims to focus public attention on cystic fibrosis (CF) and the campaign for access to new precision medicines on the NHS.
Well-known music producer Simon Ellis (who has worked with artists like S Club 7, Britney Spears, The Spice Girls) produced Breathe With Me. He had also previously worked with Betsa and when he approached her to perform on the track she was delighted to volunteer her services for such a good cause.

The resultant song is an upbeat number, with a video that features people who are living with cystic fibrosis including Veronica Lanzetta, who had a double lung transplant in 2015.

“The song is about understanding and relating to what others might be going through. In this video I had diseased lungs painted on my back” said Veronica. “The front of me was painted with beautiful roses, to signify new life and hope after my transplant, and also because ’65 roses’ is a symbol that is used often in the CF world. Young children find it difficult to pronounce cystic fibrosis – one little boy called it 65 roses and the phrase stuck.”

“We hope that the cystic fibrosis community will find many innovative ways to let people view the YouTube video for ‘Breathe With Me’ – They can share it on social media, play it at events and if anyone has contacts with local radio – perhaps they can also ask for it to be played on their local station.”

Elizabeth Sheahan (15) also took part in the video because she is putting her all into advocating for access to cystic fibrosis precision medicine. Her scenes were filmed underwater – an apt location to remind people of the panicky feeling of being unable to breathe as normal. 

Eight-year-old Emma Frank was filmed blowing bubbles (a visual way to show breath). Some of the bubbles that she blows in the video have the ‘No More CF Angels’ rose image in them - an image used often in the campaign for access to CF precision medicine.

Seasoned CF campaigner little Ivy Weir (5) also has a cameo role in the video.

The Breathe With Me video can be viewed on YouTube, downloaded from iTunes in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, purchsed from CD Baby or Amazon, or streamed on Spotify.

Follow for more about ‘Breathe With Me’ and CF on the Strawfie Challenge facbeook page or on the Breathe With Me website.

It's Just Our New Normal - Grace McKenzie

"This is the story of how we are blossoming as a family after your devastating diagnosis at three weeks old. Through the grieving process and out the other side, to acceptance and the embracing of life itself. Whilst there is much to fear, we chose to focus on the positives, and on hope. Hope for better treatments. Hope for a cure. Hope for your future. But above all that, we focus on you. In everything we do, we think of you first. We take the best care of you that we can, then put cf to the back of our minds and enjoy our day. Through you, we are learning to embrace life with awareness. Even bad news has a silver lining, and you are our silver lining. No, we don't know what the future holds, but we have today. And today is good"

Grace has written this book in part as a gift for her son when he grows up.

It can be purchased from Amazon. 50% of royalties are coming to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

A painting of a woman with red hair wearing black hexagonal glasses in front of a background of a unicorn and a rainbow.Kirsty Harvey - An Inspirational Life

This beautiful portrait was painted by Kirstin Heger following the passing of her good friend Kirsty Harvey, who lost her battle with cystic fibrosis on 26th May 2018 and is fondly missed by her husband Dougie Harvey and her loving family and friends.

Kirstin was inspired to paint this portrait which was based on a photograph posted by Kirsty in the weeks before she passed away, and in true Kirsty style it showed her beautiful, eccentric, colourful, whacky, fashionable and stylish side.

"You would never have known someone was as ill as she was as she smiled widely at the camera and looked as fabulous as ever! She was without a doubt the most positive and inspirational person I have known and touched so many people in this way. Kirsty loved anything unicorn related and the symbolism of the mythological creature is not lost on her, she was a truly magical being"

Kirstin is selling prints, with all profits being donated equally to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Live Life Give Life charities.

Order a copy here.

A painting of London Bridge with the words 'Love London'Andrew Alan Matthews art

Artist Andrew Alan Matthews is raising funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust in support of his close family members who have the condition. He has produced a range of modern cityscape paintings on canvas and a range of t-shirts. For each t-shirt sold, £1 comes to Trust, and with every canvas painting sold £5 is donated to the Trust.

Paintings can be commissioned, and prices start from £100 where a proportion would go to Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Andrew has sold artwork to companies and private collectors and is a bestselling artist on the online platform Artgallery.

If you would love one of these modern cityscape paintings or any t-shirts please go to where you can see further examples of his fabulous work.

Four black greetings cards with geometric designs on them.Peter Rackley Cards

Because of his personal connection to cystic fibrosis, Peter Rackley from Margate in Kent has kindly decided to donate to us 10p from every card sold from his new enterprise, Peter Rackley Cards.

The beautiful designs are available to all from Peter's Facebook page.

A light blue logo with a blue hexagon behind the words 'SYC' and 'See Your City'.See Your City

See Your City is a tour operator based in London, Edinburgh and York. The company has a fine selection of cultural tours, both pop and historical. Walking tours are suitable for all ages and will have you marvel at the cities you thought you knew. We are proud to say that 10% of See Your City's profits will come to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, as their charity of the year.

To find out more, visit their website.

A painting of pink cherry blossoms on white paperMcAdam Art

Our amazing supporter Sheila McAdam lovingly paints and designs bespoke watercolours of flowers and certain wildlife. Each individual piece is made in support of Sheila’s beautiful great niece Freya who has cystic fibrosis, with all profits kindly donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Paintings can be commissioned of any flower and prices start at £100, with postage and packaging as extra.

All paintings are sent mounted with a backing board and cover sleeve. They measure approx. 20in x 16in

If you would love one of these beautiful and individual pieces contact McAdam Art or visit Sheila's Facebook page, where you can see further examples of her work.

A photograph of a wire-bound book. The book has an image of a green field and blue skies on it and the words 'Games to Create the Football Thinker' and 'Martin Lee Herdman' on it.Games to Create the Football Thinker

Games to Create the Football Thinker is a great value football coaching/training handbook that will bring an extra dimension to your football coaching sessions.

A handy 110-page digital book it is easily accessible for a busy coach on their mobile device.

Full of inventive ideas on how to really get your players thinking about, and enjoying, your training session, it replays famous moments in football, and enables you to create new, fresh sessions. This book will be a useful reference both before and during your coaching session.

ALL proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Head over to Ebay to purchase the book - you will receive a PDF (45MB) file.

A logo with the words 'banana crumble' in yellow on a white background. A white banana shape is cut out of the middle of the words.Banana Crumble

Banana Crumble is a family-run business that wants to give back to others in the wider community. What you see is what you get - Banana Crumble is a free prize cash draw, made possible by using advertising revenue to fund prizes. Banana Crumble have chosen to support the Cystic Fibrosis Trust for the second year running, in which they will donate all profits, plus any unclaimed cash prizes, to the charity. To find out more and to sign up, please visit their website.

PLEASE NOTE: you must be over the age of 18 to participate.

A logo in the shape of a red heart with an illustration of a girl on it with black hair and red tears on her face. The words 'Broken Heart Tees' are written down the side of the heart.Broken Heart Tees

Broken Heart Tees have kindly offered to donate £2 per sale of their wonderful "Charitees" to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Married couple Angie and Kevin have chosen to support the Cystic Fibrosis Trust as Kevin, 51 years old, has cystic fibrosis himself. The couple are passionate about raising awareness and supporting the Cystic Fibrosis Trust however they can. This is a perfect way for people to raise awareness by wearing a t-shirt relating to cystic fibrosis and at the same time, will be generating donations to the charity.

Head over to their website or follow them on Facebook.


A black, square logo with the words 'Kitkase' and 'travel with pride' written in white.Company 'KitKase' have kindly decided to show their support to our cause by making a beautiful bespoke case on our behalf with a £15 donation from each sale going directly to the Trust. Let's hear why....

"KitKase are passionate supporters of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and the great work they do supporting people with cystic fibrosis, and those who care for them on a daily basis.

"One of KitKase’s directors and founders was diagnosed at birth but he is a perfect example of how with the right attitude, advice and a strong support network, cystic fibrosis is no longer a barrier to building a successful career and leading an active family life.

"Each year the Cystic Fibrosis Trust invests many millions of pounds into cutting-edge research to tackle the big challenges faced by people with cystic fibrosis and it’s essential they continue to receive support and sponsorship from companies such as ourselves in addition to the individual sponsors/donors who do such a fantastic job."

Having sampled the case here at the Trust we can confirm it’s made with an exceptional standard that we think you'd enjoy, and we would also like to take this opportunity to thank all at KitKase for their dedication and hard work on our behalf!

You can find out more and make your purchase here.

A logo with the words 'charity car' in green and orange on a white background with an orange car on it.

Charity Car

Charity Car is a scheme backed by CarTakeBack, the UK's largest car recycling network. Head to the Charity Car website, and select the Cystic Fibrosis Trust as your chosen charity - the Trust will receive 100% of the car's scrap value, and if there's enough life left in your car, Charity Car will raise the maximum value through auction!

Do something really special and join the thousands of people who have already donated their car.

The cover of a book. It has a pink, yellow and green faded background with a purple thistle on the front. The title of the book is 'Uncommon sense and comic nonsense' and there is an image of an elderly man on the back.

'Uncommon Sense and Comic Nonsense'

For 30 years, since Dr James Simpson's granddaughter Sally was born with cystic fibrosis, he has raised over £75,000 in royalties for cystic fibrosis research by writing seven books, which are a lovely blend of seriousness and humour. Some of them became best-sellers.

His latest book, 'Uncommon Sense and Comic Nonsense' has just been published by Steve Savage Publisher, and is priced at £5.95. 100% of the royalties will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. The book can be purchased from most bookshops, Amazon, or from the publisher.

Dr Simpson is a past Moderator of the Church of Scotland and a chaplain to her Majesty the Queen. This book is dedicated to the members of Dornoch Cathedral, where he was minister for 21 years, and to the members of Royal Dornoch Golf Club where he was a past captain.

An image of a CD cover. The cover has a young woman with blonde hair wearing a black dress leaning against a rock and looking into the distance on it. The words 'inspiration' and 'Susan E. Graham' are written on it.

'Inspiration' by Susan Graham

Carrickfergus singer Susan Graham has released an album, 'Inspiration', in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Susan has lived with a close personal connection to CF, having looked on as her sister Zoë has dealt admirably with the condition for over 20 years.

You can purchase Susan's CD for £10 - all proceeds go to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Music on the album ranges from sacred and classical to popular secular songs, folk and musical theatre. Susan sings in the Belfast-based choir, Grosvenor Chorale.

An image of both sides of a black tote bag. One side has the Cystic Fibrosis Trust's logo on it, while the other has four rows of yellow ducks on it.

Reusable cotton tote bags

We are so excited to share, on behalf of the South Lincs branch of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, this fantastic reusable cotton tote bag. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Trust to help us continue our fight for a life unlimited by cystic fibrosis.

The duck is a symbol of remembrance for a very dear lady lost to cystic fibrosis. Helen Bond was a founding member of the South Lincs branch of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. She was an avid collector of rubber ducks with over 100 different pieces in her collection! She lost her battle with cystic fibrosis in December 2014, aged just 28 years. The continued use of the rubber duck keeps her memory alive to all those who knew her, and helps the South Lincs branch spread awareness of the condition.

If you would like to get your hands on one of these limited edition bags (currently only 1,000 in circulation), please get in touch with the South Lincs branch directly by private messaging their South Lincs Facebook page.

Bags cost just £3 each plus postage and packaging.

a key ring with a pair of metal lungs on it, a red gem and a metal circle with the words 'never never give up!' on it.A keyring with a wooden circle on it with an illustration of a pair of lungs burnt into the wood.

Lung keyrings

Our fabulous supporter Lesley McMurray designs and makes her own jewellery using quality recycled materials. She designed this special keyring featuring a pair of lungs and the words 'Never never give up', and will kindly donate 50% of the proceeds to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. These keyrings costs £4 plus postage and packaging. Each keyring is made to order.

Want one? Snap them up now on Lesley's Facebook page!

Cupcake toppers

The lovely team at My Cupcake Toppers have kindly agreed a reduced rate for our supporters to purchase either rice paper or edible icing cupcake toppers! They start from £1 (+ postage and packaging) and are available in two designs - 'Cystic Fibrosis Trust' logo, or 'Cystic Fibrosis why we're baking'. Head over to My Cupcake Toppers to order yours now, or call them on 0800 043 4557 or drop them an email.

a yellow duck badge in a white packet.

Duck pin badges

We're happy to share these gorgeous duck pin badges on behalf of the South Lincs branch of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. 100% of the proceeds will support our fight for a life unlimited by cystic fibrosis. The duck is a symbol of remembrance for a very special lady lost to cystic fibrosis, Helen Bond. Helen was a founding member of the South Lincs branch - and an avid collector of rubber ducks! She lost her battle in December 2014 aged just 28 years old. The rubber duck keeps her memory alive and helps the branch spread awareness of the condition. To get hold of your very own duck pin badge, send a private message to the South Lincs branch Facebook page.

A knitted Paddington Bear toy. The bear is light brown, wearing a red hat and a dark blue coat with white buttons. He has a tag around his neck.

Etsy knitted toys

Lesley & Julie from Rugby have set up their own shop on Etsy, selling their handmade knitted toys with 100% of the sale price coming to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. To order yours today just head to their page on Etsy.

Sports massage offer

Optimum Body Sports Massage are offering half price sports massages to all those who are fundraising for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Not only that, but they are going to donate £15 to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust for each massage booked! So, if you’re in and around Oxford and Oxfordshire and fancy a pre- or post-event treatment, perfect for anyone training for a marathon, hike or obstacle course, then please go to their website for full details and to book.


Wristbands for cystic fibrosis

A new style of wristband has been designed and produced to raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

The Apter family along with a group of friends have produced the wristband to raise funds for the Trust in memory of their lovely son James. James had cystic fibrosis and was also diagnosed with leukemia in April 2011. He lost his battle against leukemia on 8 September 2011. Selling the wristbands will keep James' memory alive whilst raising funds for a charity that is very close to his family's hearts. Order your wristband today.

A logo with the word 'Creepies' written on it in scratchy writing. It is bordered by doodled images of ghosts, skulls, spiders, spider webs, pumpkins and bats.


Mr & Mrs Creepy have been in business since May 2013, sculpting these creepily cute creations from polymer clay. With lots of creepy characters and Plushy creations to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice. Why not treat your family and friends to their very own Creepy? Five per cent of each sale goes to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust!

A painting of a yellow and orange sunset across a light blue tide.

Art Transplant

Would you like to own an original piece of artwork? Art Transplant was created by artist Luke Yates after losing his wife, Sam, to cystic fibrosis after she waited more than three years for a double lung transplant. The works showcased in the gallery will be sold one at a time. All proceeds will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. 

These Are Our Days

A song performed by St Aidan's CE High School, Harrogate to raise funds to support the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, in memory of former St Aidan's student Helen Hawcroft. Download from iTunes. All proceeds will be donated to the Trust.

An album cover with a record on it with a rose painted on the record. The words 'Lungfest' are written above this image.


Lungfest has put together a compilation album to raise awareness for cystic fibrosis. 'Courage Over Fear' is an album consisting of tracks from people with direct links to cystic fibrosis. The album is available in physical and digital form. You can purchase the CD or download it from from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and Deezer

All profits will go to the Trust.


Designed by Sophie Cranston, Libélula is fast becoming the label to watch. £10 will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust from every Millie dress sold online. Contact Sophie or Ella, call 01256 861 458 or visit their website.

A photograph of red roses.

The Growing Hope rose

The Growing Hope Rose is a beautiful, deep red floribunda with a powerful fragrance, and was created especially to raise awareness of cystic fibrosis and funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. The rose is the result of a partnership between growers 'World of Roses', and mum Catherine Upstone, who has a daughter with cystic fibrosis.

Height and spread: 80cm x 60cm (32in x 24in).

The roses can be purchased from World of Roses by calling 08452 606 888 or by ordering online. The Growing Hope Rose is £19.99, and for each rose sold 'World of Roses' will donate £3 to the Trust.  

A photograph of bracelets with blue plastic beads on them with the words 'CF HOPE FOR A CURE' on them and a keyring with the same beads and words on them.

Cystic fibrosis jewellery

Heath Morgan Beads and Jewellery have a freshly updated website dedicated to selling loose beads, accessories and handmade jewellery.

A percentage of all sales is donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, and a larger amount from the fundraising jewellery, including the new ‘hope for a cure' bracelet and keyring.

If you would like to have a piece of jewellery designed in memory or support of a loved one, then contact to create that special piece.

An image of the words 'Cystic fibrosis get it off your chest' on a black background. The words 'cystic fibrosis are in red', and the rest of the worlds are in glittery silver.


Lorraine Barnes, a mother of two children with cystic fibrosis, has added some striking hooded sweatshirts to her range of merchandise that aims to raise money for the Trust and to raise awareness of cystic fibrosis. They cost £20 and 20 per cent of the proceeds goes to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. There's also a range of t-shirts and a tote bag on offer, and they can all be ordered online.

A few of my poems

A short book of poems written by Sheila M Newman; some happy, some sad, but all easy to read. The first poem is dedicated to Sheila's granddaughter, who has cystic fibrosis. Price £3.50. To order, call 01425 274021 or email Brian Newman. All proceeds go to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

An image of a woman and a little boy at a table. The little boy has fair hair and is wearing a red apron. The woman also has fair hair and is looking at him, smiling. The table has a mixing bowl on it and a pot of flowers.

The Little Cook Book

'The Little Cook Book' written by Alex Sayers for her son Enzo has already raised over £13,000 for the Trust. The cook book was inspired by meals savoured during a childhood spent in Italy watching her Italian grandmother in the kitchen.

The easy to follow recipes include 'Nonna Lisa's Meat Balls', 'Italian Chicken', 'Creamy Mushroom Pasta', 'Sausage Bake' and many more tempting recipes.

TV Chef Gino D'Acampo has also contributed two recipes as well as personal trainer Ben Mudge.

The cook book is still available at £10 with all proceeds going directly to the Trust.

Please contact Alex Sayers.

An image of a silver bracelet with five charms on it. One is of a heart, one is half a heart, one says the word 'hope' on it and one says the word 'wish' on it.

The WISH cystic fibrosis bracelet

Sarah and Helen from WISH Handmade Jewellery have come together to create this exclusive bracelet to raise funds for cystic fibrosis. The bracelet has 13mm metal beads with sp charms and is available to buy online under the 'Collections' page. The bracelet costs £26, of which 25 per cent goes to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

A life with CF book coverPortraits of cystic fibrosis book

Photographer Simon Wiffen's book '47 / A Life With Cystic Fibrosis' is a collection of intimate and compelling portraits, exploring the realities of living with cystic fibrosis.

Each subject featured in the book offers their insight into life and the condition.

For each copy sold, £5 will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. The book is available to order from Simon's website for £20.

Big Chef, Mini Chef

Big Chef, Mini Chef has been an idea in development for quite a few years, but only came to fruition in 2018. The book is inspired, created and dedicated to Armin Constantin Baran, son of chef and author Matei Baran. This book celebrates Armin’s bravery whilst battling the illness cystic fibrosis. Armin’s life has been fraught with operations and recovery and he continues to have regular physiotherapy sessions and takes multiple tablets each day to combat the horrendous effects cystic fibrosis has on his young body. Despite all of the medication, Armin is a happy and brave boy who continues to inspire those around him. The illness and the situation have formed an extremely close bond between father and son and Matei was dedicated to leaving a legacy to Armin.

Throughout this journey Big Chef, Matei has been working with children to create simple, yet restaurant-standard recipes celebrating their favourite dishes as well as engaging local schools and students to help them creatively develop their culinary tastes and skills.

We hope you are inspired to cook with children and find exciting ways of presenting some of your family favourites.

All proceeds after costs from book sales will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust - buy the book today.